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Thermic Boot Refresher


Product Description

The Thermic Refresher not only dries all kinds of boots or gloves overnight and warms them up again with maximum liner protection, but also gets rid of any unpleasant odors and reduces bacteria with UV light. The approximate temperature of the air coming out at the nozzle is 113 degrees F. Another outstanding feature of the totally quiet device is the ability to move its flexible tubes. All in all, the Thermic Refresher is fast, efficient, quiet and clean. The Thermic Refresher dries liners 3 times faster than traditional air drying by using a fan with an air flow of 2600 liters per hour for each nozzle the warm air (approximately 110 F directly at the nozzle) can circulate freely, thus absorbing a lot of moisture! Your boots will be completely dry and comfortably warm in no time. The device is so quiet that you can dry your boots overnight. Thermic Refresher dries all kinds of shoes/boots gently and can be used with all materials even fitted inner boots and insoles.