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Thermic Boot Dryer


Product Description

Ski and Snowboard boots can be extremely hard to dry. Sometimes overnight drying does not give the results that are needed. It usually takes longer than one night for traditional air-drying to fully dry most liners, until now! This Therm-ic Boot Dryer is specifically designed to gently rid the liners of warmth robbing, mold causing moisture quickly and quietly. Dry boots are the first step towards a great day in the fresh powder while skiing or boarding. This Boot dryer by Therm-ic works great on all kinds of gloves, shoes, winter boots, ski boots or snowboarding boots. Easy to pack and to take with you. Do not be the first to leave the group to come inside because your boots are wet and your feet are cold. The Therm-ic Boot dryer will dry whatever is needed after each venture you have to the pipe or on the backside of the mountain. So do not hold back any longer, go for it! You have the right tool that is on your side after each day skiing or boarding.