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About King Keyser

The History of Chicago's Oldest Ski & Snowboard Shop


Our Tradition in Winter Sport

Founded in 1952, King Keyser is Chicago's oldest ski shop. We started our legacy in a little storefront in Hinsdale, Illinois. Back in the day, we carried everything from guns to hockey equipment, but soon our founders' passion for skiing influenced our inventory. All of a sudden, winter sport became King Keyser's primary focus. Our founders, Mr. and Mrs. Keyser, became so involved in the industry that they took part in the creation of The Vail Ski Area. Over a half a century later, customers from all over the Chicago area continue to rely on King Keyser for their skiing and snowboarding gear and apparel. The team at our store can offer first-hand insight on the latest technologies, expert advice on sizing equipment, and masterful ski or snowboard tuning. Winter sport enthusiasts that shop at King Keyser can count on a better experience during their next ski trip.

A Snowboarding Pioneer

We have a history with snowboarding too. King Keyser was one of the first snowboard dealers anywhere when we started carrying boards in 1982. Riding is a passion shared by our team (we’ve been at it since 1980). Because snowboarding is still a youngling in its life as a sport, snowboard gear is constantly evolving.  Fat boards, skinny boards, square-tipped boards, channel mounts for bindings, camber, V - rocker, new core materials... it's enough change to make your head spin! So how do we know what's quality gear and what isn't? We test the models of many different snowboards before we choose what to carry at our store. If you've ridden as long as we have then you know that with every generation of snowboard equipment there will be some gimmicks. Trust us to see through the hype and put you in the right gear.

Experienced Purveyors of Winter Apparel

Clothing for active people is as much about function as it is about fashion. Your apparel has to work no matter what you choose to do and when you choose to do it. Starting at the base-layer, we can outfit you with from head to toe in winter clothing.  We carry the latest styles of coats, pants, bibs, hats, socks, and gloves. If that isn't enough, we also have footwear, headwear (goggles and sunglasses), neckwear, and a damn good sense of style. Like you, we’re participants, not spectators – we know what you need and we’ve got what you like.

Aiding & Abetting Skiing Fanatics

New schoolers, powder hounds, gate bashers, or corduroy cruisers; you’re among friends at King Keyser. We know it, we love it, we do it - just like you. Boots hurtin’ your feet? We’ve got a solution. Finally upgrading from those old favorites? We’ll show you why the new stuff will change your life! Prowling the terrain park? We’ll help you get your jib on. Outstanding product knowledge, a HUGE selection of equipment, and innovative solutions are the tools we use to make you happy on the hill.

The Future of Our Ski Shop

Over the decades we’ve seen innovators revolutionize and then re-invent skiing and snowboarding. We’ve also seen more than a few hokey trends come and go. You can count on King Keyser to know the difference. Today, we look eagerly toward the future of winter sport. We look forward to the new gear and technologies that will make your (and our) on-hill experiences even better. We look forward to the prospects of new terrain challenges, new resorts to explore, and building new traditions. Most of all, we look forward to facilitating outdoor fun for those who share our passion for winter sport. Thank you for letting us continue to serve you at our Chicago area ski shop.